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Drezek Lab Location:
BioScience Research Collaborative
4th floor, Room 430

Drezek Lab Address:
BioScience Research Collaborative
Department of Bioengineering, MS-142
Rice University
6500 Main Street, Suite 133 BIOE
Houston, Texas 77030

Tel: (713) 348-3011
Email: drezek@rice.edu  

2010 Publications

Pfefer, T.J., Wang, Q., Drezek, R.A., "Monte Carlo modeling of time-resolved fluorescence for depth-selective interrogation of layered tissue" Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine -- In press

Day, E.S., Thompson, P.A., Zhang, L., Lewinski, N.A., Ahmed, N., Drezek, R.A., Blaney, S.M., West, J.L., "Nanoshell-mediated photothermal therapy improves survival in a murine glioma model" Journal of Neuro-Oncology -- In press

Hu, Y.S., Jeon, J., Seok, T.J., Lee, S., Hafner, J.H., Drezek, R.A., Choo, H. "Enhanced Raman scattering from nanoparticle-decorated nanocone substrates: A practical approach to harness in-plane excitation" ACS Nano 4 (10) pp. 5721-5730 (2010)

Winkler, A.M., Rice, P.F.S., Drezek, R.A., Barton, J.K., "Quantitative tool for rapid disease mapping using optical coherence tomography images of azoxymethane-treated mouse colon" Journal of Biomedical Optics 15(4) art. no. 041512 (2010)

Lukianova-Hleb, E., Hu, Y., Latterini, L., Tarpani, L., Lee, S., Drezek, R.A., Hafner, J.H., Lapotko, D.O. "Plasmonic nanobubbles as transient vapor nanobubbles generated around plasmonic nanoparticles" ACS Nano 4(4) pp. 2109-2123 (2010)

Bickford, L.R., Agollah, G., Drezek, R., Yu, T.-K. "Silica-gold nanoshells as potential intraoperative molecular probes for HER2-overexpression in ex vivo breast tissue using near-infrared reflectance confocal microscopy" Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 120(3) pp. 547-555

 Bickford, L. Day, E., Hu, Y., Sun, J., Fu, K, Chang, J., Lewinski, N., Yu, K. and Drezek, R.  Chapter 15:  Biomedical Applications of Multi-functional Silica-Based Gold Nanoshells” in Handbook of Materials for Nanomedicine, edited by Mansoor M. Amiji, RPh, PhD, and Vladimir P. Torchilin, DSc, PhD (Pan Stanford Publishing).  (2010). 

Hu, Y., Noelck, S., and Drezek, R. “Symmetry breaking in gold-silica-gold multilayer nanoshells.”  ACS Nano.  4:1521-8 (2010).  .

Lewinski, N., Zhu, H., Jo, H., Pham, D., Kamath, R., Ouyang, C., Vulpe, C., Colvin, C., and Drezek, R.   Quantification of water solubilized CdSe/ZnS quantum dots in Daphnia magna.  Environmental Science and Technology.  44:1841-6 (2010). 

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 Bickford, L., Carpin, L, Sun, J., Yu, T., and Drezek, R.  “Non-invasive Optical and Functional Imaging of Breast Tissue” Book chapter in Advanced Therapy of Breast Disease.  BC Decker.  In press (2010).

 Agrawal A, Pfefer TJ, Gilani N, Drezek R, "Three-dimensional characterization of optical coherence tomography point spread functions with a nanoparticle embedded phantom." Optics Letters 35:2269-71 (2010)

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