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Drezek Lab Location:
BioScience Research Collaborative
4th floor, Room 430

Drezek Lab Address:
BioScience Research Collaborative
Department of Bioengineering, MS-142
Rice University
6500 Main Street, Suite 133 BIOE
Houston, Texas 77030

Tel: (713) 348-3011
Email: drezek@rice.edu  

1998-99 Publications

Sokolov, K., Drezek, R., Gossage, K., and Richards-Kortum, R. “Reflectance Spectroscopy with Polarized Light: Is It Sensitive to Cellular and Nuclear Morphology.” Optics Express. 5: 302-317 (1999)

Drezek, R., Dunn, A., and Richards-Kortum, R. “Light Scattering from Cells: Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulations and Goniometric Measurements.” Applied Optics. 38: 3651-3661 (1999)

Smithpeter, C., Dunn, A., Drezek, R., Collier, T., and Richards-Kortum, R. “Near Real Time Confocal Microscopy of In Situ Amelanotic Cells: Sources of Signal, Contrast Agents, and Limits of Contrast.” Journal of Biomedical Optics. 3: 429-436 (1998)